Aziziye Bath (Aziziye Hamamı)

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Aziziye Bath (Aziziye Hamamı)

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Aziziye BathAziziye Bath InsideAziziye Bath
Aziziye Bath (Aziziye Hamamı) Aziziye Bath (Aziziye Hamamı)

Aziziye Bath (Aziziye Hamamı)

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Aziziye Bath (Aziziye Hamamı)

AZIZIYE HAMAMI Address: Haydarpasa Rihtim Cd. Recaizade Sok. No:17-19 Kadikoy-ISTANBUL Turkey
The Aziziye Hamam is a notable traditional Turkish bath in Istanbul. It is located on the Asian part of Istanbul so you may need to take the ferry to reach it. There are regular ferry connections to the Asian part of Istanbul so it will not take you much time! What's more you will have the chance to enjoy your ferry experience.
The Aziziye Hamams is also included in the list of the traditional Turkish baths in the metropolitan city. It was built at the end of the 19th century and is another great example of the notable Ottoman architecture. It was built during the reign of Abdulaziz Sultan. Paying a visit to the Aziziye Hamam you will experience its culture through the centuries. It is really worth visiting.
Today the Aziziye Hamam consists of two major parts - they are separate for men and women. Each part of the hamam includes the three rooms - the cold one, the warm one and the hot one. There are also dressing rooms and resting rooms.
In the cold room of the Aziziye Hamam you will be welcomed and asked to change your clothes with the special towel. There are special dressing rooms where you can do it and you can also leave all your possessions there. You will get your towel from there. The towel is an inevitable part of your Turkish bath experience because keeping your body covered is necessary! The temperature in the cold room is moderate!
The cold room is followed by the warm room - the place where the real preparation for your unique Turkish bath experience will start. Here you will adjust to the temperature with the help of a steam flow. Your stay in the warm room is a must because it will help you to stand the heat in the hot room. While being in the warm room, you can have a cup of traditional Turkish drink and rest! The staff will give you precise instructions what follows after the warm room. If you have any health problems or think that you will not feel well in the heat of the hot room, you should inform the staff and they will not allow you to enter the hot room!
Your experience in the hot room is real adventure. It is really unique and unlike any other in the world. You will lie on a round shaped platform where you can rest and enjoy the procedures. Your body will be washed and scrubbed down! You can also take the advantage to try the soap massage that is made with traditional Turkish soaps! There are also many other massage options such as a peeling massage, an aroma massage, traditional massage etc. They all will make you feel like you are in heaven! In the hot room a team of specialists will take care of your health condition and will advise you about the best procedures. You will really enjoy it!
After the hot room, you may go to the resting rooms and have a nap! It will make you feel fresh! You can also have a cold shower and come back on the platform! The choice is up to you!

The Historical Turkish Bath

Aziziye Bath      (since 1860)

A fantastic Ottoman memory "Turkish Bath"

About Turkish Baths

The new  entertainment  addresses,  Turkish  Baths, became some touristic places  that  bath  turns  to show  into.  One  of  the most   beautiful   Ottoman architectures, baths are everywhere in Turkey also planted mostyl in Istanbul and  Bursa. It is known that there were 14536  baths only in Istanbul and 155 of them bazaar bath and the others are in halls and places.

Baths with warm atmosphere and medicinal spring, help guests to relax and also to make their time entertaining. 

Services in Aziziye Bath

Everything is thought to make your time entertaining and help you to relax

-Turkish Massage

- Soap Massage

- Hot and  cold bath rooms

-Clothes changing rooms

- Tovel (Pestemal)

- Clog (Takunya)

- Bath Glove (Kese)

- Cold and Hot Drinks

- Sauna

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